Published by Quatro Books
Available 09 May 2024 | 7-12 years | 64pp
ISBN 9780711278738 Ebook 9780711278738

Hypnotically entertaining

Ron Charles, Books Editor , The Washington Post

“A browsing book for word loving families”

Wall street Journal, Meghan Cox Gudron

‘A Riveting and Scintillating book […] I have a new Zest for words & language’

David Litchfield, creator of global best-seller The Bear and the Piano

Such books are to be treasured.

Emily Bairn – The Telegraph
Book of the Week

The perfect gift for any seven-12-year-old who loves vocabulary.

The Bookseller, ‘Editor’s Choice’ May Children’s Previews

Illustrated by award winning Tor Freeman,
the vibrant images bring  visual clarity to each definition. The pages are  peppered with  literary quotes,  showing the word in context, and  gently introducing  the likes of  Walt Whitman, Dickens and Booker T Washington

What people are saying

A lovely, loony look at language!

Michelle Robinson, author of the best-selling ‘Goodnight’ series

Colette Hiller’s poems are a pedagogical gift.
Joyful reading lessons– with a phonological lift.

Timothy Shanahan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois and government policy advisor on literacy education

Every page is as colourful as a jar of sweets and every rhyme is accessible.

Brian Patten, award-winning poet and author

Hear some rhymes

Colette Hiller

I started off as a dancer at  NY’s  High School of Performing Arts and came to London with the original production of Annie.   I spent many years on the London stage, before joining The BBC  where I worked as a producer.  For the past ten years, I’ve produced cultural projects across the world, filling  city streets with public pianos, ping pong tables and Talking Statues I’ve also written a best selling children’s CD –  Applehead – a story with songs.  Colossal Words for Kids is my new book –for 7 -11 year old.   It enables even young children to master all kinds of interesting  words.  If you have  favourite  word rhyme  from the book, , I’d love to know!  Do pop me an email or video and show or tell me.